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Week in Review: Northern Manitoba Tour, Festival du Voyageur

Winter festival season in Manitoba is in full swing! The 72nd Annual Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival kicked off on Wednesday and the start of the 50th Edition of Festival du Voyageur was on Friday.

I was happy to be able to take part in opening ceremonies for both festivals.


I spent the week visiting communities in northern Manitoba. We started the week off in Flin Flon where I met with Mayor Cal Huntley.

We discussed several topics including the fact that Flin Flon does not have high speed internet. It’s very puzzling because the town has a Hydro fibre line that runs through it.

The ball appears to be in the court of MTS.

We also discussed the suspension of obstetrical services at the Flin Flon General Hospital.  

The Northern Regional Health Authority (NRHA) made the decision to suspend routine baby deliveries as of November 18th, 2018.

The NRHA says the decision wasn’t about cost saving measures and that the decision will be revisited in the future.

The nearest hospital providing obstetrical services is in The Pas – which by car is about two hours away. 

I also met with members of the Flin Flon Arts Council. The town has a vibrant arts community. The community is putting on productions like Mama Mia, 1984, and Les Miserables. 

One major concern that members brought up during our meeting was that the arts council hasn’t seen an increase in funding since 1979. 

I made a final stop at the Northern Manitoba Mining Academy where Operations Manager, Craig Cowper, toured me around. The tour included driving a mining equipment simulator and Craig showed me around various classrooms.

Pallister's education review was a major point of discussion in Flin Flon. I spoke with the local radio station about the the topic.


On Wednesday, I headed to The Pas for the opening ceremonies of the 72nd Annual Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival.

I quickly discovered, and it was pointed out by several people, that I look like the Trappers' Festival mascot. Do you agree?

I also had the opportunity to meet with Chief Christian Sinclair and council members from Opaskwayak Cree Nation. We discussed local health care services including the Nuka Health Model. We also discussed housing and the need for more mental health and addiction supports in the community.

I wrapped up my first day in The Pas by checking out the talent portion of the Trappers' Festival Fur Queen pageant. Best of luck to this year’s contestants. 


The day started with a bang at the 2019 World and Manitoba Championship Dog Race.

I started the second dog sled race by firing the shot gun.

It was my second year attending the Trappers' Festival. I highly recommend adding the festival to your list of things to check out in the winter.


It was an amazing start to the 50th Edition of the Festival du Voyageur! The Festival runs until February 24th. #heho!


Join me for breakfast Thursday, March 21!

I'll be speaking at the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce 2019 Leaders Series Breakfast.

I'll be sharing my vision and ideas for growing Manitoba’s economy.

If you believe in what we are doing, please like and share our pages and posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

All the best, 

Dougald Lamont 

MLA St. Boniface, Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party

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