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NDP Must Explain Candidate Running Phony Grassroots Group on Facebook

WINNIPEG - Manitoba Liberals say the NDP needs to investigate a candidate who appears to have created a phony citizen’s group and a Facebook page to promote himself.

Manitoba Liberals say that the Facebook Page for the supposedly independent group “Save 7 Oaks ER,” which has over 900 followers, only promotes the NDP and candidate Greg McFarlane because he is the person running it.

Posts featuring Manitoba Liberal policy shared to the page that will keep Seven Oaks ER open have been deleted. Liberals say it’s disturbing that McFarlane would create what appears to be an independent, third-party group, and its Facebook presence to censor and spread false information about opponents.

“These are not acceptable campaign tactics for any party. The NDP needs to explain whether this is an isolated incident or whether it was approved by the party,” said Manitoba Liberal Party Leader Dougald Lamont.

When a user asked why the page was not featuring announcements made by the Manitoba Liberals, McFarlane himself replied that the NDP:

“should be releasing a comprehensive plan in the upcoming weeks. Right now the NDP is the only party that actually has a chance of making real change this election we are focusing our energy that way. Lastly the announcement of the closures of the Concordia and seven oak ER was April 2017. The liberals have been silent until just recently. The NDP have been active and vocal all the way through. Have a great day!”

Liberals say the NDP’s tactics are factually wrong and amount to voter suppression.

“Manitoba Liberals have been clear in our opposition to the plan to close ERs, which was developed by the NDP in the first place,” said John Cacayuran, Manitoba Liberal candidate for McPhillips. “The NDP want to turn back the clock, but Manitoba Liberals are the only party that has a plan to keep ERs open, and improve community care closer to home.”     


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