Manitoba Liberals Launch their 2019 campaign: Green Growth, Renewal and 6-million Trees

WINNIPEG - Manitoba Liberals officially launched their 2019 campaign Tuesday in St. Boniface, with a 25-page plan for “Green Growth and Renewal.” Leader Dougald Lamont says it is the boldest and most ambitious climate change plan of any party this provincial election.

The Manitoba Liberals’ plan sets out a series of steps that would make Manitoba “carbon neutral” by 2030 – so by that year, Manitoba will no longer be contributing to climate change.

Liberals say the PCs have backtracked on their plan, increased emissions and have no timelines or targets. The NDP has proposed a law to make Manitoba carbon neutral by 2050, without details. The Green party only commits to setting targets, without saying what they will be.

“We have an obligation as leaders to act on climate change – and what’s more, Manitoba has an opportunity to show Canada and the world how it can be done,” said Lamont. “We need to show our children that the climate is a priority, that their futures are a priority, and that’s what our plan does.”