Manitoba Liberal Point Douglas candidate, John Cacayuran is fighting for rights of Manitoba’s most vulnerable children

“In a province with some of the worst child poverty, the Manitoba government has taken hundreds of millions of funds intended for children in care and has diverted it into the government’s pockets instead.” – John Cacayuran

 WINNIPEG – For the past decade, the Manitoba government has been taking millions, and last year alone it took $32 million of Federal dollars earmarked for children’s special allowance and put those funds into general revenue instead.

John Cacayuran, the Manitoba Liberal candidate for Point Douglas is calling on Pallister’s conservative government to end the immoral practice.

 “In the last year alone, thousands of our poorest and most vulnerable children were deprived of tens of millions of dollars intended for their care by Brian Pallister,” says Cacayuran. “What is just as shameful is that the NDP were no different. In a province with some of the worst child poverty, they diverted hundreds of millions of funds intended for children in care into the government’s pockets instead.”

With over 10,500 children in care, Manitoba has the highest child apprehension rate in the western world. Children have been warehoused in hotels, and the vast majority of children in the care of CFS are Indigenous.

Cacayuran says the actions of the former NDP government and the current PC government contravenes the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). The first five of the TRC’s 94 recommendations, are dedicated to reducing the number of children in care.

“The issue of Indigenous children in care was featured first and foremost in the TRC because, even after apologizing for the Residential Schools and the 60s scoop, we have more children in the custody of government than ever,” said Cacayuran. “We need to reform CFS, lift people out of poverty, and find ways to support families so we can bring healing to communities, instead of tearing them apart.”