Interim Leader looks to rebuild party


As a child, Judy Klassen wanted to be in the construction business when she grew up – but she's helping to build something more fundamental to Manitoba instead. The Manitoba Liberal Party interim leader spoke to about 150 MLP party members November 26 at the Annual Leader's Dinner – many of whom heard her speak formally for the first time.

“It has been quite a year,” she told party members at Canad Inns Club Regent. “I know that for some of you, the election results of this spring were heartbreaking. I was heartbroken. The hard work our candidates put into the election was phenomenal. I was so proud and honoured to be running alongside such fantastic people.”

Klassen said despite the results, members of the party have told her they are excited for the future.

“That’s where I need our Liberals to step-up. It is my duty to ensure we are ready to hit the ground running.”

Klassen told party faithful donations would be necessary to grow.

“Please consider a year-end donation, and tell your friends, your family, your co-workers, your friends at church, at temple, at synagogue: there is a political party that speaks on behalf of everyone in Manitoba, and it is us, the liberals. As the Manitoba Liberal Party, we know everyone matters. Everyone has a contribution to make.”

Klassen said as a child, she hoped to be a carpenter, but was told 'nice' girls didn't want to be in the trades. Instead, she became an entrepreneur and went to university to earn her Bachelor of Commerce to help the community she grew up in, St. Theresa Point First Nation.

“I have seen, first hand, some of the toughest challenges in our province, because I’m from that area...I'm from the North; the legislature has been waiting for the likes of me.”