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for Roblin

  • Michael was born and raised in Winnipeg’s Garden City area where he lived with his mother, step-father and 2 brothers

  • Growing up, he worked at McDonalds, Safeway, Domo, Shell to help fund his post-secondary education at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Management where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce with subsequent studies in Sciences and Nursing

  • Michael completed his professional accounting designation (CPA,CGA), while working in various finance and accounting jobs in financial services, public sector, non-for profit and construction

  • Michael was married in 2012 in his wife’s hometown of Sarnia, Ontario and resided in the area of Crestview for 6 years

  • Michael currently works in an accounting/IT capacity within the public sector and resides in the area of Whyte Ridge with his lovely wife and dog 

  • Personal interests include sports, politics and the economy

  • Main driver of running was the apathy towards Manitoba’s other major parties, and rather than not voting and ignoring the election, he chose to run as a young, viable alternative to the status quo

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