Dougald Lamont

Leader, Manitoba Liberal Party

MLA for Saint-Boniface

Watch Dougald's swearing-in speech (above)

About Dougald 


Born at St. Boniface Hospital in 1969, the third of four children, Dougald was raised in Winnipeg by his mother Judy, an architect, and his late father Frank, a lawyer. 

Dougald attended École Sacré Coeur, River Heights Junior High and St. John’s Ravenscourt on a scholarship, and has two degrees in English Literature (B.A. and M.A) from the University of Manitoba.

Dougald is bilingual having learned to speak English and French at a young age.

Working as a writer, editor and policy analyst for over 25 years in both the private and public sector, Dougald’s experience includes journalism & advertising, funding initiatives for start-ups, not-for-profits & charities, as well as advising elected officials and public servants on matters of the day.

Dougald's extensive knowledge of public policy was gained on the job through first hand experience including the Manitoba Museum, volunteering at Got Bannock, infrastructure at Western Economic Diversification, communications at Indigenous Affairs Manitoba, as well as advising political campaigns, candidates, elected officials and public servants. 

He has taught Canadian Literature at the University of Manitoba, and most recently was a lecturer in government-business relations at the University of Winnipeg. 

Dougald and his incredible wife Cecilia have been together since 1993 and have four spirited children: three girls and a boy.

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