A Prosperous Way Forward For Manitobans

A Manitoba Liberal Government Will:
  • Implement basic incomes for all Manitobans.
  • Create a Manitoba Business Development Bank to provide capital investments for small and medium sized businesses - helping local entrepreneurs and start-up companies hit the ground running.
  • Creating good, new jobs in the clean energy sector, conservation, and reforestation.
  • Boost Manitoba businesses and local economies by running province-wide 'shop-local' campaigns. Introduce procurement policies to make it easier for local businesses to sell to the Manitoba Government.
  • Create an independent commission to review Manitoba's tax system and make recommendations on how to make Manitoba's tax system more fair, effective, and progressive.
  • Implement a policy of 'No Privatizations' in order to protect and preserve public services. 
A Strong Economy and Good Job Growth

It is absolutely critical to have a plan for increasing government revenues, and not just for more cuts, in order to weather potential downturns and to improve the province's credit rating.

More cuts will only further weaken Manitoba's economy.

Manitoba families cannot keep up with the increasing costs, and income stagnation leads to less provincial revenues and a province that also cannot keep up.

What is required is a strong economic plan that focuses on good local jobs that pay liveable wages and spurs strong economic growth in Manitoba.

Wage freezes and austerity are not how to grow an economy. Declaring that slow growth is the new normal is not the way to direct change.

A Manitoba Liberal government will strengthen government revenues with growth and investment. We will reverse the Pallister government's harmful method of cuts and slashes, and instead, grow the economy to help balance the budget.

The ultimate goal of the Manitoba Liberals is to create jobs and grow the economy so taxes can be lowered in the long term.

"We are focused on good jobs and investment because while tax cuts don't lead to growth, growth can lead to tax cuts. By growing the tax base, we can lower the tax burden." Lamont said.