A Healthy Way Forward for Manitobans

A Manitoba Liberal Government will:
  • Restore Stability, Accountability and Affordability to our health care system. Life the Pallister government's three year freeze on health care funding
  • Restore community health by giving power back to local hospitals, clinics, personal care homes and communities
  • Support a National Pharmacare program
Better Healthcare - Closer to Home

The Pallister government has sought to reduce health care costs by freezing spending at 2016 levels, even as the population grows and ages, as costs rise, and as the government imposes a massive, ill-conceived health care reform. While nurses, doctors, and others within the system have lost jobs or are being pushed to the brink of burnout, the PCs - who promised no frontline cuts, and to cut at the top instead - are creating a fourth level of bureaucracy, which i going to take over many areas of Manitoba Health.

Manitoba's health care system already faced challenges because of a PC decision, in the 1990s, to create regional health authorities (RHAs) in addition to health bureaucracies in Manitoba Health that already existed at the local level.

The legacy of the Pallister Conservatives on health in Manitoba is not just layoffs, freezes, and firings. The PCs have been the architects of a massively centralized, undemocratic and unaccountable health system that has stripped power away from local communities.

Manitoba Liberals have a specific goal: to provide better health care closer to home, whether it is in Winnipeg or across the province.