Ernie Nathaniel



for Kirkfield Park

  • Moved to Winnipeg from Montreal in 1967


  • Parents both taught at the University of Manitoba medical school

  • Helped start of CJUM-FM at the UofM, obtained B.A. Psychology


  • Shooting 8mm since 6 yrs old, started his own video production company in 1992, producing industrials, broadcast, non-profit fundraisers (e.g. Teen Challenge - addictions program), and church productions


  • Married to Lynnette for 37 years, daughters Tamara (BFA Honours, married) and Kiara (4th year UofM School of Music)


  • Has followed politics closely, and helped with 2015 Terry Duguid MP campaign 


In 2011, life changed.  Lynnette got leukemia, to be followed by Guillaine Barré Syndrome, which left her unable to breathe, requiring tracheostomy, then becoming totally paralyzed, and spending the next 375+ days in hospital.  Despite the prognosis of quadriplegia, she has greatly recovered.   


The blessing of our healthcare system is not lost to Ernie. 

It should be improved, be more efficient, accessible to all, and not crippled, since federal support has increased.


“Healthcare professionals should not be threatened with the loss of their jobs, but their input should be valued rather than silenced.”  Ernie would be honored to help constituents in any way he can, and welcomes all input.

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Facebook: ErnieNathanielforKirkfieldPark

Instagram: ernie.nathaniel

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