A Safer Way Forward for Manitobans

A Manitoba Liberal Government Will:
  • Create a Manitoba Police Service, working in partnership with cities, towns, RMs and First Nations to disrupt gangs and drugs
  • Better triage crime, addictions, and mental health crises
  • Support those who keep us safe - working together with community patrols like the Bear Clan
Supporting Those Who Keep Us Safe

For many years, Manitoba has faced challenges of elevated crime rates, not just in the City of Winnipeg, but in rural and northern Manitoba. Budget cuts have spread resources thin — creating challenges for police and communities alike.

When it comes to the RCMP, there are challenges as communities have lost their detachments. Under the current model, staffing is light as RCMP officers may work alone. Posts may be filled by relatively new recruits who come from outside the community for relatively short periods of time, who then move on and the process repeats itself. Because new officers are regularly being posted from outside the community, it creates challenges for police and community alike, especially where there are cultural barriers.


Because RCMP policy is set by Ottawa, communities and the Manitoba government have to appeal to Ottawa if changes or policy are required. Policing is also one of the major costs for municipalities across Manitoba.


A Manitoba Liberal Government will create a Manitoba Police Service to provide a unified, province-wide police service to complement the work of the RCMP and municipal law enforcement.