Leadership 2017


Message from the Co-chairs

Over the next few months, our Party will be on a quest to find our next party leader at a time when anything is possible on the political landscape. It is no longer business as usual in politics. 2 years ago, no one would have predicted a majority Liberal landslide, but look what Justin Trudeau and his Liberal team pulled off. And just last year, a government of 17 years was swept out by a super majority in Manitoba.

Beyond our borders, we have seen upset victories in elections in several countries where challengers have come out of nowhere and have changed the way people view and judge politicians.

It is a time of change and challenges but most importantly.... opportunities.
And it is with those opportunities in mind that we approach our Party’s Leadership Contest.

Manitoba Liberals will be selecting a person who can make the most of these opportunities. The Party is in a better and stronger position. Membership is high and finances are growing. Hope is in the air!

As a leadership contestant, you will have the challenge of earning the membership’s support and meeting their expectations for strengthening our finances and gaining seats in the Manitoba Legislature in 2020.

And as committed Liberals and Manitobans, we invite you to listen, to question and have a say in the future of our Party...but most importantly to be a part of what we hope will be a historic choice!

Sandy Chahal & Wendy Martin White, Co-Chairs