Hon. Charles Huband LLB

Hon. Charles


Portage la Prairie

The Honourable Charles Huband brings a wealth of law and political experience to the Manitoba Liberal Party team. He served as a civil litigation lawyer for Richardson & Company from 1957 – 1976. Huband was appointed to the Manitoba Court of Appeal in 1978 and served in that capacity for 27 years until mandatory retirement from the bench in 2006. He was the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the Law Society of Manitoba in 1996.


He was also a pioneer in Winnipeg’s arts culture, as a founding and continuing board member of Manitoba Theatre Workshop (now Prairie Theatre Exchange) from 1972 to present date.

Huband was Chairperson of the Westminster United Church Foundation for over 10 years and a board member of Manitoba Historical Society for the last 5 years.

He ran successfully to become member of the Metropolitan Council of Greater Winnipeg in 1964 and served two terms, each of two years. During this time, Huband also served as chair of the Streets and Transit Committee and as vice-chair of Metro for the last year.

A long-time advocate for human rights, Huband served as chair of the Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties (MARL) leading up to the enactment of the Manitoba Human Rights Act. 

Most recently, Huband joined the law firm of Taylor McCaffrey LLP and served as civil litigation counsel from 2006 to spring of 2019. He taught the course at Manitoba Law School on Trusts and Trustees for many years, including the fall of 2018.


Charles has been an incredible and effective advocate and has a passion for human rights, the arts, helping people out of poverty and helping them get a roof over their heads.

"As a senior citizen, a rapidly growing segment of the population, I know first-hand the specific needs we have for health care and housing. I can represent those interests and concerns," says Charles.

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