Thank you to all who could attend!

Policy resolutions passed at the

MLP 2020 Annual General Meeting

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to our

Manitoba Liberal Party

award winners!

The Manitoba Liberal Party has chosen to recognize, over the years, party members and constituencies that have demonstrated qualities of leadership, dedication, resourcefulness, inspiration, and initiative. The awards are to be presented yearly at
the MLP Annual General Meeting.


This year's winners are:

Leader’s Award - Cyndy Friesen
Presented to someone who has been a benefit to the Leader or Leader’s Office over the last year, whether through a particular issue or event, or through time spent assisting the Leader in their duties.

Senator Gil Molgat Award - Wendy Bloomfield
• Integral in Building the Organization of the MLP
• Integral in the fundraising process of the MLP
• Mentoring, providing leadership and working with the constituencies and regions of the MLP


The Margaret Workman Award - Loren Braul
Presented to a member of the party living outside of the city of Winnipeg who has worked tirelessly to promote Liberalism in their community.


Maria Lang Award - Tanjit Nagra
Established in 1992 in honour and memory of Maria Lang
• Commitment to the LPC(M) and the MLP
• Demonstrated leadership and involvement in community and/or
scholastic activities
• Dedication to career and demonstrated enthusiasm for life

Best Constituency - River Heights
Awarded to a constituency that is active with a functioning executive which meets 
periodically and maintains its own bank account. This constituency must be able to maintain its own membership and in fact, increase it, and have successfully
organized or participated in fundraising efforts.


Most Improved Constituency - Kildonan River East
In recognition of the challenges many constituencies face, this award recognizes one constituency that has made advances in the forming of an executive, establishing finances, and in organizing events. This constituency should have achieved minimum
amount of members with plans to increase its membership.

"We must speak loudly for people who are not being heard by the current government."

Tanya Hansen Pratt

Marc Brandson


Message from the Co-Chairs

Dear Friends,


On behalf of the Manitoba Liberal Party, we welcome you to the 2020 Annual General Meeting.

Over the last seven months, many of us have found ourselves thrown into the realm of virtual meetings as we adjust to a post-COVID-19 world, and the Manitoba Liberals are no exception. Thank you for navigating these new waters with us as we hold the first virtual AGM in a new, single-day online format.

Although, the 2019 election saw us lose a seat in the Legislature, the party showed that we were able to build momentum during a very short campaign in several areas of the province. Now, in the years, not months, prior to the next election, we have the opportunity to build the framework to strengthen and harness that momentum. We are a party with renewed hope and vision, with a leader and caucus ready to maintain pressure on the parties in power, and to speak out publicly about issues that are relevant to Manitobans.

Our success going forward will very much depend on working together with passion and vigour toward a common goal. We must speak loudly for people who are not being heard by the current government. We must work collectively to make our message heard. We must work together to be a beacon of hope and reason in a political landscape that traditionally leaps back and forth between two options out of ignorance, strategy, or habit.

Your support is just as important now as it was prior to the last election. Our ability to move forward, to deliver a positive, unified message, to drive toward the 2023 election and to be ready for a by-election depends on all of us working together as a team.

We are honoured to be co-hosting the 2020 AGM. We sincerely hope that today’s events will help you feel like you are a capable, confident member of this team, with renewed energy striving to be “the” political alternative to choose in Manitoba.



Tanya Hansen Pratt

Marc Brandson


" the last six months alone, our actions have put people back to work. We have put food on tables. We have defended seniors, teachers, students, businesses, people living in poverty, and Indigenous people."

Dougald Lamont


Message from the Leader

My Fellow Manitoba Liberals, 


The last months have been filled with turmoil and challenges that we could not have foreseen a year ago. 


Since our last AGM, there have been provincial and federal elections, and, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the beginning of the one of the biggest health and economic crises most us have ever faced in our lifetimes. 


We have responded with focus. 


We offered practical, sensible suggestions to the government - providing warnings and advice on the pandemic and the economy. 


We shone a light on the PC government’s far-right agenda and closed-door deals. 


We set out to help Manitobans who were reaching out to us, no matter where in Manitoba they lived. 


Time and time again, we have been told that when people knocked on other parties’ doors, we were the only ones who answered and did the work. 


We know we’ve made a real difference in making lives better for Manitobans. 


To prove to Manitobans that not all politicians and political parties are the same.


We know that in the last six months alone, our actions have put people back to work. We have put food on tables. We have defended seniors, teachers, students, businesses, people living in poverty, and Indigenous people. 


Imagine what we could do with even more Manitoba Liberal MLAs. 


Three years ago this week, I was elected leader. During that campaign, a very wise friend gave me some of the best advice I ever received. 


“Listen carefully to people, because someone you meet is going to tell you what you need to know to win the next election.”


Listening is the key. In order to win, we need to reach out and connect with people, and gather them together - not just at the level of ideas, but the level of the heart. 


That’s true at the doors. That’s true everywhere: it is about more than the message: it is about being a party of people who start with listening, and then do what every politician should do: advocate for the people. 


Being Liberal means believing in the dignity and freedom of every person. It means that we live and let live, and that if someone is knocked to the ground, we help them up again. 


Acting Liberal - convincing and converting people to our cause - is about living those values, and serving Manitobans. 


In this crisis, we have a lot to defend, and a lot to protect. We also have the opportunity to grow and build as never before, and emerge stronger than ever. 


Thank you for being part of the Manitoba Liberal Party. I look forward to the AGM and a bright future together. 


Dougald Lamont

Leader, Manitoba Liberal Party

AGM 2020 Program FINAL.png



MLP Business Meeting
This combined session includes: a status report on the party, a review of the party’s financial statement, and this year’s constitutional amendments.

Association AGMs
Some positions were filled by members who filed an Intent to Stand by the cutoff date, this session will engage members to fill the open positions. It will also go through exercises on recruiting and building associations.

Q&A With Our MLAs
Each AGM our MLAs hear the membership’s questions on matters raised during the Legislative session and things members feel need to be raised.

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention 
Shaun Leonoff has been a volunteer manager at the Victoria General Hospital, the Canadian Cancer Society, and the Assiniboine Park Conservancy. She will share her experience on how to recruit the right volunteers for the right positions, how to prepare them to contribute and how to keep them involved.

Leader’s Speech
During the lunch period, Dougald will address the delegate to go over the past year and lay out the plans for the upcoming year.

Elections Manitoba

Campaign cleanup, year-end reporting, and bit more. Elections Manitoba representatives will go over what still needs to be done once the campaign is over, what Constituency Associations need to do for year-end reporting and clarify the basics of financial reporting.

Diversity and Inclusion 
Joyce Odidison, President and CEO of Interpersonal Wellness and the author of five books, will speak to what need to be done, what needs to be undone and how to build a path forward to improve diversity and inclusion.

Campaigning During a Pandemic
Elaine Nixon, Senior Manager, National Field, oversees field organizers for the Liberal Party of Canada. She will share techniques and provide insights from the current federal by-elections along with her experiences working on campaigns over the years.

Policy Session 
Our Director of Policy, Lloyd Talbot, will lead the discussion as we assess the policy resolutions submitted by the membership according to the prioritization voted on by the delegates. We will start with the resolution with the most votes and work our way through until we run out of time or we run out of resolutions.



Since we last met,  we have lost some long time Liberals 
and we would like to take a moment  to remember them...






  • Tanya Hansen Pratt

  • Marc Brandson

Committee Members

  • Gloria Kelly

  • Sam Dixon

  • Nora Christianson Fien

  • Roy Jemison

  • Jake Sacher