Manitoba Liberal Party AGM FAQ

Q: Who can attend the AGM?

A: Anyone can attend the AGM, however depending on their membership status they may incur different AGM registration fees (i.e. members and monthly donors have a reduced rate versus non- members). Registration should be done well in advance of the AGM and individuals must have a current federal membership to vote federally and a current provincial membership to vote provincially.


Q: I am a member of the Manitoba Liberal Party but not a Registered Liberal with the Liberal Party of Canada in Manitoba. Can I vote on all nominated positions?

A: No, only Registered Liberals of the federal party who are delegates may vote for candidates seeking nomination for a federal position. Likewise, only provincial members who are delegates may vote for candidates seeking nomination for a provincial position. Members of both parties may vote for all nominations.


Q: How do I know if I am a current member of the MLP?

A: If your membership lapsed recently (all memberships expire December 31st of each calendar year, except for LAMP and Builders’ Club). You should have received emails reminding you to renew. Having an up-to-date membership will ensure you can get notifications of all party events, vote in the AGM, support the building of the parties, and many other benefits. If you have any questions about your provincial membership, please call 204-988-9380 or email


Q: Can I buy a membership online?

A: Yes, memberships both provincially and federally are available for purchase online and can be found provincially at 


Q: How do I register for the AGM?

A: Registration forms are available at Molgat Place and online from the link below to print off a form. The completed form may be emailed to  or faxed to 204-284-1492.   You may also register by phone MLP 204-998-9380. Registrations received after Friday, April 21st at 5:00pm CST will have a $20 Late Fee added. Register as soon as possible to take advantage of the Early Bird Rates.

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2018 MLP Policy Resolutions

Q: How do I pay for the AGM?

A: You can pay by cheque, credit card, and cash (provincially only, not federally). The AGM fees are split between the provincial and federal parties and as such, two cheques (one for the provincial amount, one for the federal amount) must be written or two credit card transactions must be done. Since the federal party cannot accept cash, those wanting to pay by cash may only do so for the provincial portion of their AGM fees and either use cheque or credit card for the remaining federal balance.


Q: My spouse/friend would like to come to the AGM Saturday lunch and/or dinner, can I bring them?

A: If you are attending the AGM as a delegate and would like to purchase an extra individual lunch and/or dinner ticket, you may do so by indicating the number of additional meal tickets on your registration form. As a delegate, your own Saturday lunch and dinner (as well as Friday night reception) are included in your registration fees and you do not need to purchase those separately. Please indicate your guest’s name on the space provided on the registration form as well.


Q: How do I vote?

A: Voting begins on Saturday May 3rd after candidate speeches and closes before dinner. You must be a provincial member to vote on the provincial candidates and a federal member to vote on the federal candidates. Memberships should be obtained in advance of the AGM. Please bring photo ID.


Q: Can I register at the door?

A: It is strongly recommended to register well in advance of the AGM. Federal and provincial delegate selection meetings are now underway to elect delegates to attend the AGM and once you are elected, you should register as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Registering in advance will guarantee you have a nametag and AGM Delegate Package waiting for you at the registration table and will make checking into the AGM much quicker.


Q: Where and when is the AGM?

A: This year’s AGM will occur May 6th, 2017 at the Victoria Inn South (3550 Victoria Ave.) in Brandon. Registration opens Friday afternoon at 6:00 pm until the evening reception and opens again Saturday morning at 8:00 am until 12:00 pm. It is strongly advised to check in as soon as you arrive and get your AGM Delegate Package. Failure to check-in by noon Saturday will result in delegates being denied voting.


Q: How do I book a hotel room?

A: You can book a room at the Victoria Inn by phoning 1-800-852-2710 and mentioning you are booking with the Liberal Convention CODE 345077. A block of rooms has been reserved at a special rate and unfortunately the hotel is full outside of this block. Please book your rooms as soon as possible to secure your reservation.  


Q: What positions are up for election?

A: There are a total of seven (7) positions to be voted on provincially – some for one year terms and some for two year terms

Two year terms: President, Vice-President, Director of Communications, and Director of Fundraising.

One year terms: Secretary, Director of Membership, Director of Organization, and Director of Policy.


Additionally, the Manitoba Young Liberals (MYL), the Manitoba Women’s Liberal Association (MWLA), the Manitoba Liberal Aboriginal Association (MLAA), the Manitoba Senior’s Liberal Association (MSLA) and the Manitoba Liberals Multicultural Association (MLMA) hold their AGMs to elect their executive.