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Dougald Lamont with Winnipeg's Esplanade Riel bridge in background.
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The Change
We Need

When you elect Manitoba Liberals, good things happen.


Manitoba Liberals get results.


Improving people's lives is why we stand to serve in public office, and why more and more Manitobans are standing with us.

We've brought critical, constructive and firm opposition to this government's austerity excesses, holding the PCs (and NDP) to account, and been a voice and force for positive change for Manitobans across the province.


We've changed lives for the better.


Because we're always, always, fighting for you.


This election, vote for real change.


Vote for a government that stands with you and for you, with no one left behind.


Stand with us and vote Manitoba Liberal.

Bison with slogan, Leader Dougald Lamont and the Manitoba Liberal Party
Dougald Lamont's signature

Dougald Lamont

MLA St. Boniface, Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party

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Real Change
for Manitoba


The PCs and NDP have governed the Province of Manitoba as a duopoly for far too long, promising change and trading the Premier's office, but often just continuing on with the same harmful policies of the government that preceded them.


Or making things worse.


That's not change. That's more of the same. And Manitobans are worse off for it.


Real, positive change is electing a government that will be transparent and accountable to the people who it is elected to represent, and that is one that works for everyone, not just friends and supporters.

A Manitoba Liberal government.

Manitoba Liberal MLAs will always oppose government overreach and fight for what's fair and responsible, make decisions based on evidence, not ideology, and do what is best to improve people's lives and move Manitoba forward.

This election, vote for real change. Vote Manitoba Liberal.

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We stand with you

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